Posted by: nemesisgeneral | August 11, 2008

Cardboard Computer

Sorry I did not post before I had another idea, but here is my first cardboard computer.  I built it out of some dell boxes and various other cardboard.  I used pieces from three HP Compaq computers and I have lots of leftovers so far.  I am going to take it all apart and start the rebuild today.  I will post pictures today before i take it apart.  It starts, but I must have a connection problem, because it won’t boot into the OS.  Oh well.  I have decided to dub it CB-PC v0.2 (0.1 lasted about two minutes before I took it apart.)  I hope that I will start with v0.3 and get to v1.0 by the end of the week or sooner.  It runs well, and the Processor gets a little hot, but it is small.  My new design is totally new.  CB-PC v0.2 pics will be up here today or tomorrow!  I promise.  Then, when I get CB-PC v1.0 unveiled and running, those pics will be up here before the weekend.

This is just a project for the heck of it.  I already have two computers in my room, and this is just to say I did and can do this.  I hope it won’t get too hot.  I think I am going to use my other motherboard as well.  We will see…


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