Posted by: nemesisgeneral | August 14, 2008

As Promised, the CB-PC I Pictures.

I have not started taking this apart yet, or putting  the second one together.  I will this weeked, I promise.  Here you go for now.  My custom case mod, the CB-PC I, Code-named “Quick One”.

Specs: It has three fans (Power Supply, Random, CPU Fan), a 40 GB HDD, 384 MB RAM, Pentium 4, two 48x CD-ROM, one floppy drive, added on video card, pieces came from two HP Compaqs (not sure which model) and a Compaq EVO.  It currently does not boot into an OS, because I think I either hooked up something wrong, or there is no OS.  (I also had to replace the Motherboard battery, so I think for CB-PC II, code-named “Puckulence”, I will use one of the other motherboards.  We’ll see…

I hope that CB-PC II will be the first working Cardboard Fluxbuntu box.  We’ll see… yet again.



  1. good job buddy!

  2. Wow 🙂

  3. what the F why cardbord box are you insane

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