Posted by: nemesisgeneral | September 5, 2008

Windows Vista Grievances, cont…

I have decided to make this Windows Vista Problems a multi-part post.  In my last post, I talked about the GUI of Windows Vista and the problems with that.  Now, obviously there are more problems than just that.  One such problem exists with the file system used.  I haven’t done enough research to know if it is the same as XP, just upgraded, but whatever they did to it, it stinks.  Loading files is extremely slow, folders take ages to open, and this is on a fairly new, not top of the line now, but fairly new, machine.  It shouldn’t be happening.  I read somewhere that professionals are encouraging everyone to “make the switch to Vista”.  This means Businesses, Personal, most Schools, and possibly Government.  Why are we encouraging this?  If you search Windows Vista on the web, I can almost guarantee that the first result will not be a fan site.  The second will probably not be either.  Why is this?  Is Microsoft losing their touch?  Did they ever really have a touch?  I believe they did, before 1995, but those days are long gone with the releases of 98, XP, and now Vista.  I bet if we compared a graph, usership would be going down, and consumer happiness is going down with it.  However, Linux and Macintosh are slowly gaining on Microsoft in user friendliness, compatability, speed, and ease of use.  Will there ever be a Microsoft free world?  Is this a possible future?  I believe that someday Microsoft and WIndows OS will soon be a hushed discussion, talked about only by computer nerds, and seen at historic OS conventions.  We can make this happen.  If we keep developing Linux, perfect it, make it the best experience that you could have while using a computer.

I predict that in 50 years, Windows could be a thing of the past.  Maybe even 25 years.  If Microsoft keeps following in the path they are taking now, who knows what kind of computer we will have to buy in five, ten, twenty years.  Are we going to need computing beasts, just to run a few simple word processing and internet browsing programs?  Are we going to lower our computing power standards?  I think not.  It has always been the goal of Linux and BSD based distrobutions to create an awesome user experience at no cost (with the exception of a few) and keep the resource use at a minimal level.  If we continue to use the Windows, all we will find is closed doors.  Linux is a clear box, and if we continue to develop it to perfection and for the use of our kids and future generations, we will live in a secure, safer, faster computing world.  Imagine how much money a company could save if they switched to, say, Fedora, and quit using Windows completely.  They could use slower machines for longer, have less need for newer machines less often, not have to pay hundreds of dollars for Office, Windows, Antivirus/Spyware, Firewalls, and other enterprise applications for each computer, but they would have free open source software that would cost $0.  That’s it.  The software can be easily used, changed, and perfected to the exact needs of each department, or individual in the company.  Imagine the possibilities of a free, open source world.


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