CB-PC Series

Here is the series on the CB-PC.


I have not started taking this apart yet, or putting  the second one together.  I will this weeked, I promise.  Here you go for now.  My custom case mod, the CB-PC I, Code-named “Quick One”.

Specs: It has three fans (Power Supply, Random, CPU Fan), a 40 GB HDD, 384 MB RAM, Pentium 4, two 48x CD-ROM, one floppy drive, added on video card, pieces came from two HP Compaqs (not sure which model) and a Compaq EVO.  It currently does not boot into an OS, because I think I either hooked up something wrong, or there is no OS.  (I also had to replace the Motherboard battery, so I think for CB-PC II, code-named “Puckulence”, I will use one of the other motherboards.  We’ll see…

I hope that CB-PC II will be the first working Cardboard Fluxbuntu box.  We’ll see… yet again.


I have almost finished the CB-PC II, which I worked on for about four hours today.  I will post pictures this week, I promise.  I had a few things this weekend that got in the way of production.  This computer has less RAM, but the same CPU and the same hard drive, but a different power supply and motherboard.  We’ll see how this one runs.  I guess you could call this the first “real” Cardboard PC as it will actually run something, unlike it’s predecessor.  CB-PC II has four fans, and will run even cooler then CB-PC I.  Stay tuned for the release of more specs and some awesome pics!  Unfortunately, the CB-PC I has been taken apart and scrapped for the construction of CB-PC II.  I hope you enjoy the pics coming soon!

CB-PC II Lives!

I have (almost) completed the Cardboard PC II.  It turns on and it is running WinXP right now, but it will have some flavor of linux right now.  Currently it is running at about CPU – 107F and System – 82F with two extra fans on each side.  Here are some pictures, and yes, it really does run and it stays really cool.  I only need to secure a few more parts on the box and my project will be complete!  Then I hope to find more computer parts and make CB-PC III.  We’ll see what I can get…  Anyway, here are the pics, I will post the specs up as soon as I get home and fiddle with it some more.

Sorry some of them are blurry, I took them with my camera phone.  I will post more complete pictures when I am totally finished with the project.

Completed, finally.

Here are the specs and some better pictures of the CB-PC II.

It is still running Windows XP SP2, it has a Pentium 4 Processor, at 1.7 GHz, which runs at about 109F.

I have a 40 GB HDD, 248 RAM, two extra fans, and a bunch of duct tape and cardboard.  Both sides are open, it has network, six USB ports, and it runs pretty cool at a system temperature of 83F.

Here are some much better pictures, sorry about the old crappy ones.


It looks like I’ve got some cleaning up to do!

The CB-PC II code-name: “Puckulence”.

I am hoping to try Fedora on this, or maybe another Distro


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