Posted by: nemesisgeneral | March 17, 2009

Phone – Half a Year Later…

Well I have had my little Samsung A737 for about six months now and I have been please with it so far.  It has not broken or cracked or dropped very much service.  It gets good service most of the time and it takes decent pictures and video.  Definitely a good buy!  I had some issues with a strange occurance where the service would mysteriously stop working and would not work again until a restart of the phone.  The button paint is also coming off a little, but only after some violent texting in the past six months.  I really love this phone out of the three Samsung phones that I have had.  I would reccommend it to anyone on the AT&T network, which has very good service as well, by the way.

Posted by: nemesisgeneral | December 18, 2008

I’ve moved my Blog

I moved my Blog, because I actually went and bought a domain.  That can be found at and my new blog can be found at

Posted by: nemesisgeneral | October 4, 2008

The Switch to AT&T

We finally switched to AT&T!  It has been one week and I have noticed a huge difference already, in the service, in my new phones software, in the price of the service, and everything.  We have the same plan basically, but now we have video and picture mail along with unlimited text, for a cheaper price because of our corporate discount from our company.  We all decided to get the Samsung A737, I got the orange one, because I liked it better then the green, which was more yellow then green.  It is awesome so far.  I love my phone and the SIM card feature of the deal.  The phone is great and gets good reception.  The slide feature is a tiny bit wobbly, but shouldn’t be a problem until there has been much use on the phone.  The Camera takes decent pictures, new texts don’t interrupt your operation of other applications, and the sound settings are amazing.  You can customize tons of stuff on the phone, but not very much to do with display.  Most of the display settings are permanent defaults.  Other then that, I have no other problems with AT&T or my new phone 🙂  I love it to death.  I didn’t get the MOTO Z9 because it was $200 more then my phone, and personally, in my opinion, the internet picture is much prettier then the real thing.  I looked at it in the store, and it was a bulky ugly thing.  I said uh-uh. That is not my phone.

I suppose I should update this and talk a little about the switching process.  When we went in, I told everyone to stop texting me for a little bit.  The AT&T guy said it would probably take about three hours for the phones to port over.  We got them all added and ported in the store, although we didn’t have time to get all of our stuff transferred from our old phones.  We went on our merry way, and soon after I was receiving some texts on my old phone and some on my new one!  It was strange!  I sent them all from my new phone and they went quick, and seamlessly.  Pictures and video send quickly and with ease as well.  As promised, before three hours was up, all of our phones, except for my mom’s were ported over and I turned off my hated sprint phone for good.  My new phone is awesome!  However, my mom’s phone didn’t make the transition for calls until the following days, but this didn’t prove to be a problem.

Posted by: nemesisgeneral | September 8, 2008

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